The Best Gifts for Dad

The Best Gifts for Dad

Dad can go under-appreciated at times. Sure, he is always there to fix a problem around your home, or grab you from the airport. But, when it comes time to get Dad a gift he always ends up with a coffee mug, a tie, or some golf-inspired gag gift destined for the dark corners of the garage never to be heard from again.

So, next time the occasion calls for getting dad a gift, why not make sure you are getting him the best possible gift.

Here is a guide to some of the best gifts for dad:

Let Dad Drink in Style

Sure, you could go out and get dad a bottle of his favourite whiskey, wine or other beverage. Or, you could make sure that every drink you dad has tastes a little bit better by picking him up a five piece whiskey decanter set. With four crystal glasses, and a decanter (able to be monogrammed,) your dad’s whiskey drink will be more fancy, and tasty each and every time.

For the Sports Fan

For the football-lovin’ dad, you can get a framed, NFL name plate that can decorate his office, desk, or man cave. With the easily recognizable stitched lettering that matches the look of any NFL jersey, you can get your father his own name, or the name of his favourite player.

The Classics

For the classic dad, there is always the classic gift: Golf, and plenty of it. Not only can you take dad out for a round, you can also provide him with specialized golf balls. The classic is the monogrammed ball, however, there are also fun twists you can take. One of the new favourites is getting your dad a set of golf balls that have his favourite catchphrase, or saying printed on them.

The Best Gifts for Dad

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