Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Friends

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Friends

Christmas is the time of year where you inevitably take stock of where everyone in your life stands. There are, of course, three categories of people at this time of the year: Ones getting gifts, ones getting cards, ones getting nothing.

It can sometimes be difficult to come up with brilliant gift ideas for your good friends at this time of year. After all, you want to get a gift that shows you care, and not just a thing for the sake of getting them a thing.

Here are some ideas for the best Christmas gift for your friends this holiday season:

Remember that time …

After you have been friends with someone for an extended period of time you inevitable start to communicate in your own language: A special blend of inside jokes, memories, and silly anecdotes. So, this Christmas season why not get your friend a “Remember when …” board. These are stylized chalkboard-like prints with your favourite memories of your friend.

Sing It Out Loud

Every group of friends has their anthems. Whether it is the hot new song of the summer that you just cannot get a enough of while drinking on patios and driving around town, or (more likely) that song from your youth that you and your friends refuse to let go of. This Christmas you can celebrate your friendship, and your awkward taste in music by getting your friend a framed, and typography of some of your favourite lyrics. Why not decorate your apartment, condo, or home with the words you slur at karaoke every weekend?

A Romantic Classic

Sure, dinner and a movie is most notable for awkward first dates, but as we grow older, some solid quality time with good friends can be hard to come by, so for Christmas this year why not give your friend something they might really enjoy: Time with you. Of course, you will not come empty handed. Bring a nice bottle of your favourite wine to sweeten the deal.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Friends

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